Starry Ciao Bella mani


The current mani!  SC Ciao Bella with a couple of water decals and a top coat of Northern Lights.  I love that top coast because it gives a holo effect to any color and dries almost as quickly as SV. For this look I painted three coats of Ciao Bella which has a nice shimmer and royal blue color.  Then I applied water decals to the ring fingers and thumbs.  I trimmed two decals in half because my fingers are rather small even at this length. 


I don’t know if you can tell from here, but the decals seem to float under the NL. I love the effect it gives. 

Nail junkie


I’m mostly showing off the length of my nails right now.  I never know how long I will let them get before I clip or file them down.  Harry picked out the color for me.  I think it was a good call and will ask him to do it more in the future. I know the fingers are positioned oddly,  bit that’s because while scrolling through tumblr, I nibbled at the index finger and peeled the color off.  Then I realized I should take a picture before I lose any more! 


I love the depth of color and glitter here.  The base is a green blue jelly but 4 coats gave good coverage and lots of depth.  Sinful isn’t my favorite brand for nothing! 

I have too much time on my hands and possibly watch too much TV

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I’ve had a shitty week so I spent the last hour looking at these awesome House of Thrones posters and thinking about how much simpler things were back in the good old imaginary days when all you had to worry about were blizzard zombies, or assassinations, or being roasted alive by dragons.


Truly, those were simpler times.

But then I had to remind myself that there are so many good days ahead, if you know where to look and if you remember all the wonderful people in your tribe, or community, or house.

Thank you for being part of this house, weird and baffling as it may be.


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Spring Mani 2.0

This mani was done right after the previously posted one. This time I attempted to do a sponged gradient. The base color was two coats of Forever Pink, SC. Then I sponged on a light coat of Snow Me White, SC, about two thirds of the nail trying to let the pink show through. I then did another sponge coat over the tips, about a third of them. I will share more pictures of this one to try to show some of the detail. I then used a Kiss decal of a flower on the ring fingers as an accent. This was actually my wedding manicure, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Hopefully, you can see the coverage one gets from Snow Me White. This was applied with a piece of makeup sponge, and dabbed on lightly, then dabbed on the tips a little heavier.


Spring Mani

I did this mani last spring. I wanted something with color and used decals on the accent finger. I wasn’t 100% happy with the tips, I always see where they are wonky and it bugs me until I remove them. I have to say that I was very proud of how long my nails had grown at this point. I don’t keep them long very often, and right now they are nowhere near this healthy, but I keep them polished for protection and for the fun of it. These are all Sinful Colors. That is by far my favorite drugstore brand. I get great coverage in an average of two coats and they dry fairly quickly. SV helps that along and preserves nail art well. The blue is called Why Not, and is one of my favorites. I find my eyes drawn to my nails quite often when I wear that color. The purple is Amethyst and the pink, I honestly can’t remember for sure. Either Pink Forever or Soul Mate. I was in a romantic period at the time so I might have chosen the latter. White was Snow Me White. The decals were from WM, Kiss brand.



Funky French manicure

This is a french mani I did with Sinful Colors Purple Diamond and Amethyst. The Purple Diamond is a semi-sheer shimmery sparkle in a very light lavender. Amethyst is a purple creme, which I used for the tips. I don’t do very many frenchies because I am so picky about the lines, and if I mess up or blur or smudge at ALL, they bug me until I have to remove them and do something else. This time it actually came out pretty well and I managed to wear this for about a week. Purple is my favorite color so it’s one that you will see a lot of from time to time. I love Sinful because I generally get great coverage in two coats over a basecoat and then I finish with Seche Vite. SV is my all time favorite top coat, and it dries and becomes pretty solid within a few minutes and has saved many a nail art experiment from oblivion. It is very glossy and shiny as well, which I personally love. My favorite basecoat is a protein by Nailtique which I usually find at Walgreens. I find SV online at Amazon but it is also readily available at Sally’s and sometimes Walmart as well. I know I said no products from Sally’s but for SV I will make a slight exception. I did actually get it online though, so it is possible to find it for $5 or $6 with free shipping through ebay or from vendors on amazon.

I will be going through my archives and showcasing some manis from the past for a while. My nails are trashed after trying to wear gels. They are fantastic and last forever, but if they lift even a tiny bit or are a little too thick around the edges, I end up picking at them, filing them, and futzing with them until I pick them off and tear my natural nails up in the process. Even when I try to resist, my psycho brain won’t let me. So although I am still painting them, there won’t be much nail art or anything really to see for a while. Another thing is that while the left hand is traditionally the “swatch” hand, which is shown off in pictures on most blogs, I find that I want to file my left side very short so that I can fret the guitar with them. I keep trying to tell myself I want to be a guitar player and that means actually PLAYING, or at least practicing on a regular basis. It hasn’t happened but I live in hope! LOL Anyway, I will be sharing archive manis and writing new makeup reviews soon. No, REALLY I will!

Purple funky french manicure

Purple funky french manicure

A new tool!

I know this is supposed to be a bargain beauty blog but I had to share my excitement about this. I GOT A LAPTOP! I have been using the same laptop for the past 7 years. It definitely has seen better days, although I have to say, it’s still going. Now it can be my son’s laptop and I have a new one that will (hopefully) last me another 7!

So far, the best thing about it is that the keyboard has a bit more space and it doesn’t accidentally pick up the trackpad as I’m typing (so far, *knock wood*) That was my biggest pet peeve about the old one and it also happened on other laptops I’ve used. It has a touch screen as well, although honestly, I wasn’t looking for that and it’s just a nice extra for me. But the screen is about the same size, but the whole thing is lighter. It’s technically an ultrabook, but I find myself not missing the disc drive. I hope to find that editing photos for this blog, writing for various projects and all the things I normally do on the internet will be easy and fun. But right now, I’m just reveling in the shiny and feeling good about actually doing something for myself for once.

My next entry will be more in line with the ideals of this blog. Reviews of products that can be found in a drug store or other commonly shopped stores (MalWart, Tarjay,Walgreens, etc.) On most beauty/nail blogs I’ve run across, the products being reviewed often run the gamut from cheap to prestige brands, which leaves me out of a lot of them. I just don’t have a lot of extra money to throw at beauty products, so if it’s $15 bucks, it’s staying on the shelf, more often than not. If you can’t pick it up for a couple of bucks at a drug store or superstore, you won’t be finding it on here! That means that although it is open to the public, Sally’s beauty is not a mainstay shop. Not everyone has access to them. Macy’s or other department stores, NOPE. I HATE the mall with the fire of a thousand suns, so I stay away from them as much as possible. That means no Sephora. I used to like Ulta, but they’ve become kind of posh, so I don’t go in there much anymore.

So what this means, dearest readers (all 2 of you), is that I’ll be reviewing brands like Wet & Wild, Sally Hansen, Hard Candy, Sinful Colors, and the like. Hopefully, I will have all my pictures backed up from my old computer and can start editing and posting here very soon. See y’all then!

Peppermint Coconut Oil

Over the past year or so,  I have read some of the multitudes of great things about Coconut Oil. It’s good for you inside and out in a multitude of ways. Not exaggerating. Just a quick Google will show you tons of information. Several things connected with me and I decided to try an experiment with mixing peppermint oil to some to use as body moisturizer/deodorant. I had also heard that peppermint can inhibit body hair growth. I had about a quarter of a jar of unrefined virgin CO, so I picked up a bottle of peppermint essential oil and decided to go for it.

Being a “fly by the seat of my pants” kinda girl, I didn’t really have a recipe, so I just added some peppermint til the mint scent was stronger than the CO scent. Tonight after my bath, I tried it out. It was nice smelling and made my skin tingle. For a little while it was a bit too tingly, but it quickly subsided. I plan to add more CO to the mix to dilute the peppermint some. However, overall, I felt it was at least initially a successful attempt.

Now only time will tell if deodorant and hair inhibiting qualities will bear out. But just as a skin moisturizer, I am already a fan. I also have been using it as a deep conditioner and leave in/hair gel, without the yucky crunchy texture . For those of us who like to keep our hair long, that’s a godsend, because longer hair goes through much more stress over time, even if you are pretty kind to it.

I’ve been able to find refined CO at MalWart, in the cooking oil aisle but also unrefined in the pharmacy. They are selling it all over the place nowadays so it’s not hard to find, although it can be a bit pricy depending on the supplier. I found it unrefined in a 16 oz jar for $6.99 (USD) at Trader Joe’s, which I think was a great deal and that wasn’t even a sale price! The unrefined has a coconut scent and taste, while the refined does not and can be used in situations where you don’t want those things. I happen to love the scent so with or without other scents added, I think it’s worth using.

Have you tried it for anything? Let me know!

Frugal tip. Or IS it?

I recently found something on pinterest about how to use one cotton ball (or less!) to remove your nail polish from both hands and toes! FRUGAL!

Basically, you unroll the cotton ball, divide it in half lengthwise and then tear it into small pieces, roughly the size of your nail. Then you dip the little bits in remover and lay them onto the nails, and let them sit for a minute (or longer for glitter type polishes).

I was already a proponent of the unroll and tear method but not to that extreme. So I tried it. Was not a fan. I found I had to use more cotton to clean up my fingers after removing the polish and felt in the end I wasn’t saving much. It also didn’t work as well as she described, so I felt kind of cheated.

In the end I decided to still unroll and tear my cotton into 3 or 4 pieces instead of a 25 or 30 her method used. I got all the polish off in one go, less time for the remover to be on my skin and nails, and I still feel like I’m saving something. My time and sanity count for something too, right?