Funky French manicure

This is a french mani I did with Sinful Colors Purple Diamond and Amethyst. The Purple Diamond is a semi-sheer shimmery sparkle in a very light lavender. Amethyst is a purple creme, which I used for the tips. I don’t do very many frenchies because I am so picky about the lines, and if I mess up or blur or smudge at ALL, they bug me until I have to remove them and do something else. This time it actually came out pretty well and I managed to wear this for about a week. Purple is my favorite color so it’s one that you will see a lot of from time to time. I love Sinful because I generally get great coverage in two coats over a basecoat and then I finish with Seche Vite. SV is my all time favorite top coat, and it dries and becomes pretty solid within a few minutes and has saved many a nail art experiment from oblivion. It is very glossy and shiny as well, which I personally love. My favorite basecoat is a protein by Nailtique which I usually find at Walgreens. I find SV online at Amazon but it is also readily available at Sally’s and sometimes Walmart as well. I know I said no products from Sally’s but for SV I will make a slight exception. I did actually get it online though, so it is possible to find it for $5 or $6 with free shipping through ebay or from vendors on amazon.

I will be going through my archives and showcasing some manis from the past for a while. My nails are trashed after trying to wear gels. They are fantastic and last forever, but if they lift even a tiny bit or are a little too thick around the edges, I end up picking at them, filing them, and futzing with them until I pick them off and tear my natural nails up in the process. Even when I try to resist, my psycho brain won’t let me. So although I am still painting them, there won’t be much nail art or anything really to see for a while. Another thing is that while the left hand is traditionally the “swatch” hand, which is shown off in pictures on most blogs, I find that I want to file my left side very short so that I can fret the guitar with them. I keep trying to tell myself I want to be a guitar player and that means actually PLAYING, or at least practicing on a regular basis. It hasn’t happened but I live in hope! LOL Anyway, I will be sharing archive manis and writing new makeup reviews soon. No, REALLY I will!

Purple funky french manicure

Purple funky french manicure

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