Spring Mani

I did this mani last spring. I wanted something with color and used decals on the accent finger. I wasn’t 100% happy with the tips, I always see where they are wonky and it bugs me until I remove them. I have to say that I was very proud of how long my nails had grown at this point. I don’t keep them long very often, and right now they are nowhere near this healthy, but I keep them polished for protection and for the fun of it. These are all Sinful Colors. That is by far my favorite drugstore brand. I get great coverage in an average of two coats and they dry fairly quickly. SV helps that along and preserves nail art well. The blue is called Why Not, and is one of my favorites. I find my eyes drawn to my nails quite often when I wear that color. The purple is Amethyst and the pink, I honestly can’t remember for sure. Either Pink Forever or Soul Mate. I was in a romantic period at the time so I might have chosen the latter. White was Snow Me White. The decals were from WM, Kiss brand.



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